Revolutionizing Aluminum Processing with a Custom-Built Slitter Upgrade

The Customer Challenge

In the dynamic world of aluminum supply, staying at the forefront of technology is not just an advantage; it's a necessity. An aluminum supplier looking to replace and upgrade its slitter and rewind ironing roll assembly in an existing light gauge coating line turned to Machine Concepts to overcome these challenges:

  • The existing equipment was old with outdated technology.
  • The manual setup of the existing slitter was time-consuming.
  • The existing bowed rolls were not in the correct locations and were not properly being used.
  • Reoccurring equipment breakdowns were reducing line run time/efficiency.
  • The existing equipment could not fully take advantage of increased line speed capability.
  • They needed a one-stop supplier to research and provide the best slitting technology, engineer a complete turnkey solution and fit the new equipment into the existing envelope.
  • They also needed this done on a tight project schedule.

The Machine Concepts Solution

  • Our team custom-engineered and built a turnkey solution that included installation, commissioning and startup support.
  • The solution included an automatic shear cut slitting system, for which we teamed up with Dienes, a slitter supplier specializing in these kinds of applications.
  • We also provided a modern operator-friendly control system with HMI touchscreen controls with custom automation.

The Key Technologies

The Novelis Fairmont

  • Automated CNC Slitter
  • High-precision strip idler rolls
  • Properly integrate bowed rolls
  • Precision ironing roll for straight coil wall buildup on the rewind
    • Roll is positioned at the rewind in an optimal position to reduce air entrapment
    • During coil buildup, the ironing roll adjusts its position relative to increasing diameter, via closed loop position feedback, to ensure consistent even tension and ironing pressure on the strip.
  • Custom control system integrated into existing line controls for quick slitter setup and storing prior setups (recipes)

The Results

The company achieved its goal of increased production and improved product quality due to the following:

  • Quick and very accurate slitter tooling setups
  • Improved slitter plunge cut capability
  • Better and more reliable strip fanout separation due to improved bowed roll setup
  • Increased line speeds
  • Straight coil side walls due to ironing roll setup

Due to the success of this solution, the customer plans to upgrade another slitting line in the same plant with a similar equipment package. 

Machine Concepts Coil Processing Solutions

At Machine Concepts, our specialty is innovative solutions that increase productivity and quality. From conceptual design to operational equipment, our team of engineers, skilled machinists and project managers partners with your team to deliver pioneering technologies and machinery that overcome your production challenges. Contact us to talk with one of our engineers today.

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