Improve Production Rates & Feed Accuracy with the Latest Machine Concepts Servo Roll Feed Bar Feeding System

Machine Concepts is proud to introduce its latest innovation -- the Servo Roll Feed Bar Feeding System for mechanical and hydraulic presses. The highly-advanced servo-driven system improves production rates and feed accuracy while reducing scrap and labor. 

Learn How the System Works to Reduce Labor Costs

  • These highly-automated systems utilize a bar magazine loading area allowing stacks of bars to be pre-staged for the line. 
  • An automated gantry pick and place loading system then places individual bars on a powered roller conveyor.
  • From there, a servo-driven roll feed is used to accurately move and position the bars for processing. 
  • To ensure accurate progressions, the servo feeds incorporate non-marking feed rolls that are textured to provide enhanced contact between the feed rolls and the bar stock.
  • The bar feeding lines are fully adjustable to accommodate a wide variety of bar lengths, widths and thicknesses.
  • The system utilizes an Allen Bradley touch screen control system to fully interface with the press and any in-house reporting network, storing up to 200 job recipes. 

The system can operate in continuous on-demand or single stroke modes and also can operate in inches or metric. Once a job has been entered into the system, it can operate without any operator intervention reducing labor costs.

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