Bring Existing Equipment Back to Life with a Rebuild

Many times budgets do not allow for new equipment. One of the best ways to address this issue is to have your existing equipment rebuilt to bring it back to life. 

At Machine Concepts, we offer complete onsite equipment inspection and in-house rebuild capabilities for production equipment of any builder.  You’ll receive a written report on the equipment condition and a detailed estimate of what it would take to bring your equipment to exceptional working conditions.

Example Rebuild: Slitting Line with a Worn Slitting Head

For example, if you have a slitting line with a worn slitting head, we can fully inspect the slitting head, and if needed, do a complete teardown and rebuild. 

Depending on requirements, this could include inspection and repair of the housing bores and sleeves, rechrome arbor bearing journals, regrinding and refinishing the arbor tooling and bearing shoulders as well as replacing internal bearings.

Once the rebuild is complete, the slitting head is then run through a rigorous testing phase that includes running the slitting head for multiple shifts. During this time, there are multiple temperature measurements taken in different areas of the slitting head in addition to multiple runout measurements. As a finishing touch, the equipment can be repainted.

With attention to detail from start to finish, Machine Concepts delivers a slitting head that runs like new and is ready for reinstall.

Custom Designs May Provide Greater ROI

If in the end, the estimated costs of a rebuild exceed what is practical, Machine Concepts also can provide custom-designed and built roller and tension levelers, slitters, coil processing equipment, pressroom equipment, mill equipment and custom production machines

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